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I love heavy rubber.

I love heavy rubber photos.

I love creating heavy rubber photos.


And this is all what this page is about :)


Some time ago I decided to make own fetish photos, because I couldn't have enough of total enclosure and heavy rubber images in the internet. Years passed by and with them my portfolio grew - hence this website was born.

On already 6462 pictures sorted in 97 PhotoGalleries  plus 107 pictures in unofficial galleries I'm creating the world of Heavy Rubber, Masks, Gasmasks, Bondage, Zentai, Extreme Feminity and High Heel Paradise!




Breathplay with Masks
Corsets, Neck Corsets, Collars
Feminine Look
Gifts associated with my wishlist :D
High Heels (more for the look)
Latex Masks, Latex Hoods
Latex, Lycra and Leather Catsuits
Rubber Bondage
Total Enclosure, Tubes

my heavy rubber, bondage and total enclosure videos for sale
my heavy rubber, bondage and total enclosure videos for sale

Lady Arrakis is real - short bio

do you like my rubber boobs?
do you like my rubber boobs?

Hello and thanks for stepping beyond lurking on free imagery!

I'm active fetish artist , heavy rubber fetishist, masks lover and independent creator of fetish photography (I'm not consider myself as model as I work on full process - photos theme, collecting outfits, makeup, setting background, posing, photo processing, publishing - partner deals with camera and lights).

Literally born as rubber and bondage addicted woman I go trough life trying to achieve harmony with my "dark side" ;)
Striking trough years with loneliness as quite heavy duty fetishist, I admit  the internet has brought me a revelation about others like me and even more (beginning of 2000)! In internet I have meet most lovely man sharing my kink, interests and everyday life.
Wearing latex takes me to a different world, place I can trust my sensuality, follow my dreams... Fetish photography serves for me  like a diary, where i can kept precious moment of joy forever... besides load of rubber in bedroom is absolutely "a must" element of good fun (how I could stood first couple of years without!).
I started posting pics  couple of years ago, under different name, somewhere totally else, and I was happy for sharing it for entirely free, but years were passing and my first bad latex didn't get any better. Meantime I lost job and was really hard time for me. Then I got married and moved to Germany (middle of nowhere), ceased contacts with home fetish "scene" and Lady Arrakis was born... And she wants to evolve ;)

It was tough for me to cease free share of my work but only this way I'm finally able  to get real, glued garments, masks and play gear meeting my standards! I'm still amazed that I do not need to repair a suit after EVERY SINGLE use, or mask doesn't split after second pull on head. Sorta it may make laugh a few people but rubber newbies surely know it's a pain. 

Make a donation and help me keep going - find how here.

Happily married with man sharing my kinky interest... (no playmate offers please).

Before messaging - 5 most unwelcome subjects

1. Dirty chat. I don't like rude language. I don't like cyber chats and porn scenarios. I won't answer and probably will block you permanently.

2. How r u, what u wearing now, what's weather, what you up to?
Internet chatting and messaging is not like a conversation in bar or pub for me. Leave  chit-chat for real places.

3. Cam? No. Wanne see me on cam? No.

4. Where I can meet girl like you? What I can do to introduce my gf into latex? Please join fetish network websites and ask these questions on forums. Some pages exists for 10 years! Use google.

5. Where you buy your stuff? I need shopping tour!
For some answers please check my links and Rubber Reviews blog. My time is precious and reserved for supporters, donators and customers buying my illustrations and paintings here. Are you one of them?

Before messaging - 3 favorite subjects

1. I would like to donate! What's your paypal address?
As stated below, donations are BIG part of my modest budget for improving wardrobe and quality of photos. "Likes" on FB or "cool pic" type of comments does not make me get a new garment. C'est la vie.

2. I wish to purchase your artwork.
As you know I also draw and paint. In many techniques, also subjects are varied. Visit my DA profile with art here!

3. I am latex manufacturer and would like to make a latex garment for you to wear it, photograph it and write a review about.
Great! I like to gain experience about new clothes and to test them. Being on chubby side and still learning about proper made fetish photography I am rather a challenge for designers. Kudos to you!

Likes / Unlikes

I like:

  • Individuals fully enclosed in rubber  (no dangling bits seen)
  • Masks
  • Shopping for new electronics/photo equipment/ fetish gear
  • Cocoons and bondage fun with my partner ONLY
  • Beautiful images of heavy rubberisation/masks/cocoons
  • Breathplay but only with load of rubber, black!
  • Bath, well can be in rubber as well :D

I don't like:

  • Porn
  • Porn
  • Porn
  • Explicit images / ejaculated fluids
  • Vulgar vocabulary
  • Cyber (esp. one with vulgar volabulary)
  • Body fluids
  • 99% of what I see on other peoples cam
  • Time wasters and people who don't read my profile

Genuine fetishist and donation for membership? Why is that?

Firstly - my vanilla income is to small to invest as much as I would like to my fetish passion - playgear and photography equipment.

I am a pretty materialist but individualist and independent with couple of principles:), I'm not pro domme, just latex fanatic Lady!

I do not date strangers or perform explicit content against my ethic (it includes cyber camming - no!) and I'm married. That means I hold bonds of trust with my partner who is also my ONLY photographer.

This page, photos, videos and whole art I created singlehanded (partner takes pics and edits videoclips, decorations and ideas belong to me). I do not hire 3rd party helpers. Music on some clips was given generously by friend.

I love photography and modeling but primarily I want  latex for pleasure of using it. Mostly in very naughty way but as I have said - this is a private part of my life!

I reject most of household comforts on daily basis to upgrade my collection and make my rubbery dreams real. I do not travel, only when it is busines/family wise.

Being honest I shouldn't have been here, yet I am! If still you find it somewhat offending, I recommend you to visit fetish shop and tell them you are genuine so you deserve all stuff for free. I doubt they would cooperate ;)

Or build your own gallery - it is not so hard, you must only really, really want it!